Past Presidents

Maryanne Cathro

President (2009-2010)

Maryanne Cathro came to the field of technical communication in 1997 via a circuitous professional route. Since then she has worked documenting software systems, mechanical and electronic products, business systems and processes and has facilitated several major training projects involving up to 3,000 users for a range of private and public companies and government departments. Her particular area of interest as a TC is the impact that communication has on the efficacy of business and business systems and how to make that communication better. Maryanne is based in Wellington.
Maryanne Cathro

Kaye Churches

President (2008-2009)

Kaye is based in Christchurch and currently works for AMI Insurance as Intranet Content Manager. Her extensive experience is primarily in developing user-centred software documentation and she has worked in a number of software organisations in Christchurch. Her previous role with Airways Corporation extended into business analysis and moving the company intranet towards a rich information and user-centric tool rather than just a phone book. Kaye has a special interest in usability and in delivering websites and documentation that meet the need for simplicity and conciseness in our information overloaded world. Kaye has been involved in TCANZ conference organisation for the last two conferences and is keen to see the organisation grow and develop with full participation from our exciting industry. Kaye is an avid Crusaders supporter.

Margery Watson

President (2001-2008)

Margery is a founding member of TCANZ (NZTWA) and is also Immediate Past President of INTECOM. She has been working in the documentation and training fields in the software industry since the mid-1980s. Margery has her own documentation consulting business specialising in online documentation for commercial and in-house software. Her particular interest is information design, as it applies to developing online documentation to meet the specific needs of users. Margery's background is in education and training, with extensive experience in industry and commerce. Margery is based in Auckland.
Margery Watson

Ruth Hamilton

President (1999-2001)

Ruth Hamilton is the director of WritersInc Ltd, a successful documentation company that recently celebrated its 12th birthday. Ruth has extensive commercial experience having worked as a documentation consultant, technical writer and trainer for a wide variety of organisations. She is highly regarded as a trainer. She lectures degree students in Advanced Technical Writing at AUT University. She is a certified Information Mapping ® trainer, and she designs and delivers customised courses for industry.

Rhiannon Herrick

President (1997-1999)

Rhiannon was the first president of TCANZ (founded as NZTWA in November 1997).